Refugees in Denmark

There are approximately 14,000 people of Afghan origin in Denmark. Of those, roughly 3,000 were born in Denmark by Afghan parents, but the majority has at some point undertaken the journey from Afghanistan to Denmark, fleeing war and persecution.

You can read some of their stories to the right.

First there is Razia Mohammadi, who relates how she had to escape with her family because her father was a mujahid who fought against the Soviet occupation in the 1980s.

Taj and Aliha Mohammed Taj, on the other hand, worked for the Afghan state during the Soviet era, and thus had to escape from the mujahideen and later from the Taliban in the 1990s.

Lastly, you can meet Ali Husseini, who was just an ordinary boy from the countryside, but had to escape because the Taliban wanted all boys to go to Quran school – and to war.

The Afghan people have, in other words, had many reasons for fleeing their homeland, and that remains the case today. In 2012, 577 Afghan asylum seekers came to Denmark, which is a relatively high number. The only countries from which Denmark received more asulym seekers that year were Somalia and Syria.

Although the Taliban is no longer in power, Afghanistan is still marred by unrest and conflicts between the central state and the various rebel groups.